Better if Umno accepts 'orang bodoh' as members!

Posted: 13 Oct 2013 06:59 AM PDT

They didn't like Shahrizat but she won.

They didn't like Khairy Jamaluddin but he also won.

The 220,000 grassroot members had voted for them. Whether it really reflected the 'voice of the masses' or not, they emerged winner, and this time with a larger majority. Those who picked them to lead Wanita and Pemuda wings did represent all 191 Umno divisions.

So, what happened to the much anticipated and 'wanted' doom of Shahrizat and KJ when the results showed factions who did not want them were actually troublemakers with bad prophecy. Will they respect the decision?

I don't think they will accept defeat although the result did not proof even two per cent of votes went to their challengers. Many got zero, in fact!

What does this tell you? That Shahrizat and KJ have bought the votes? Of there was 'instruction' from the top for the duo be retained? Any other accusation and allegation?

Umno members are getting wise. As the party gets older, the members are being pigmented by chronology - about a candidate's conduct, achievement, moral and contribution to the Malays. Popularity does not matter anymore.

They are fast to label some leaders as corrupt, malpractice, slow, incompetence and unfit to lead. Without understanding the government's policy and how the administering force manages the party and the nation, Umno members are also easy led.

They like propagating lies and rumors about how bad an Umno minister or leader is. They want the label to stigmatise a person until he or she is booted during party election. Once someone says a leader is corrupt, the rest will agree and it will go in chains to reach out the entire nation.

Yes, the Malays are easily led. They would prefer the 'bad story' first before weighing someone. No matter how much the leader had done for the benefit of the party and Malaysians, a single 'bad omen' will spell trouble for him.

Fanaticism is engulfing the party. While democracy is firmly upheld in Umno elections, many still dispute it by making wild accusations that everything was scripted and tailored to what the top leadership wanted.

Umno has so many good leaders, and this is the problem. Of course we cant accept bad and unfit people to hold office but it opens up the doors to more and more people feel they are more qualified to hold various positions in the party.

When more and more 'cerdik-pandai' (intellectual) join Umno, their aspiration gets so exclusive. They cant be seen as being just members for life without making attempts to wrest division chief, Pemuda chief, Puteri chief or the Supreme Council positions.

It is also typical for 'non-intellectual' members to push up lawyers, doctors, engineers or professors as their division heads, and once they hold such positions, the desire to hold a much more senior position will obsess them.

In this case, 191 division heads will do their best to win the top leadership attention and recognition. If they succeed, they stand the chance to become a Member of Parliament. Many will not accept it if their deputies or youth chief are made candidates for parliamentary election. To them, a division head must become an MP and not as a Adun or state assemblyman.

If a division head fails to win any position in the party election, members will show him the exit in the next general election or party election. Someone else will have to replace him, and this leads to groupings or factions.

And in order to support and ensure the victory of their candidate, they will start badmouthing others who are also vying for the same seat, for instance the MT or vice-president. Another typical Malay character.

Things are not the same anymore, not like 20 or 30 years ago when members acknowledged and respected top leadership calls for 'no competition' of 'status quo'. Good education is changing all that, adversely.

And it has been a trend of late that the 'intellectuals' who failed to get any party position would leave Umno and join other parties that offer them a better place, including those of the opposition. To them, competition is Umno is so stiff because there are 'too many of them' there.

Looks like it will be much better if Umno closes its door to the intellectuals. Let just the school dropouts or ordinary brain become members.

We have candidates of our own choice but among thousands of them, only a handful will make it. Its not wrong at all to pick anyone for a position but we bear in mind that some will win, others will lose. If Umno must 'employ' all candidates and give them positions, better not to have election - better emulate DAP!

Its also a common factor that the minorities usually speak loudest.

So, let's hear to what they have to say about the just concluded elections (Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri).

And let's wait for October 19 when the battles rage on for 3 vice-president and 25 MT seats, to be decided by about 146,000 'qualified decision makers'.

"Rumah siap, pahat berbunyi' suits the Malays very well...


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