Pakatan encourages more crimes!

Posted: 13 Oct 2013 11:45 PM PDT

PKR's Padang Serai parliamentarian N Surendran spoke through his nose. He got nothing else to say but to keep on politicising what Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said about the rights for the police to 'shoot first' at criminals.

This under average lawyer has been spinning and twisting the issue to the extent that he makes himself looks like a moron who cares so much for armed robbers, murderers, rapists and drug dwellers.

To him, the basic rights of the criminals must be upheld.

Hello macha! What kind of rights do they have to terrorise the country, killing policemen and civilians, robbing banks, kidnappings and selling drugs? Who gave them such rights? You? Or people like you...

And now you are saying public safety is in danger. What danger? That the 'shoot first' is a license for the police to simply open fire at anybody on the street, or gunning down anybody suspected of major crime?

Where is your brain, bro?

These criminals got no law, and they obey none too. Neither are they afraid of the law when carrying out their unlawful activities. If they shoot and kill any of your family members, will you still fight for their rights in court, and will you represent them?

Come on lar. Politics aside, be a true man in measuring your words. While the majority of Malaysians are supporting the police, you and your minority 'human right' groups are providing the criminals with first class protection.

Don't you realise that the protection you provide them is actually encouraging them to commit more murders, robberies, rapes and other crimes. They feel very safe in your hands. After killing a few people, you can always set them free.

The police are not stupid. They have special units to investigate, follow and identify criminals. They don't simply shoot unless provoked. In many cases, they criminals took a shot at the police first, and not the otherwise.

The public is not afraid of the police. In fact, they feel more comfortable than before. If you don't break the law, they will not come after you. If you are clean, there is no way for the police to shoot at you.

You people are the ones scaring the public by providing 'protection' to the criminals. You give legal protection to people who don't observe and respect the law but ignore their victims of such crimes. You call yourself a parliamentarian?

Of course, your pocket would swell if you represent them in court. They have all the money to influence the DPP, judges and the court. Once freed, they will be on the street again.

Or are you protecting them for money, and not for the rights of the victims?


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