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Posted: 16 Oct 2013 10:10 AM PDT

Among few women candidates for Umno Supreme Council (MT) seats, I choose Dato Dr Norraesah Mohamad, an French-trained economist who is able to provide party president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak with his 'Malay transformation' program.

An MT member since 1980, there are reasons to trust Norraesah in expediting such a heavy task. The Prime Minister will need more than 'just a woman' for the task. He needs fresh and commanding idea, and this woman has it all.

Umno is in need of more people like Norraesah. Her vast knowledge and experience in the finance and banking sector placed her at par with others, including Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Zety Aziz and tycoons such as Syed Mokhtar Bukhary and the late Nasimuddin of Naza World.

She used to serve as the Chief Representative of Credit Lyonnais Bank in Malaysia from 1991 to 1998, having set a record of 40 years working in various institutions such as banking, consultancy, international trade and commerce.

I have known her since she serve Esso Production Malaysia Inc in 1988. Prior to that, she was the Principal Assistant Secretary of Finance Division of the Treasury.

She had served the government from 1972 to 1988 and was one of the forces behind privatisation and debt management.

Umno cannot resist people like her as her desire to help the Malays seems to be never-ending. She was once tipped to contest a top post in Wanita wing but she refused as her main objective is to help out the Malays by elevating their standard of living.

Of course there were critics but nobody could deny her contribution to the party thus far, especially in helping many women to get out of the poverty cocoon via various economic programs she organised and introduced.

"I just want to lend my helping hands to the Malays, notably the women. Where I stand in the party is not that important but what and how to help the government and Umno in dealing with the Malay agendas are my priority," the MT incumbent once said.

I personally would like Norraesah to retain her MT seat. Those who know and had seen her at work will agree that she is always the right person for the position.


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