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Posted: 17 Oct 2013 01:27 AM PDT

Some of my fellow bloggers are against my pick for Umno VP and Supreme Council (MT) lineups. Its their right to oppose although I've never wanted to oppose theirs. Its democracy. You choose yours, I select mine.

What's wrong with that? Your pick could not be the one endorsed by the majority. You could be right and wrong but politics are a gambling den. If I respect your choice, please respect mine, and I don't charge these candidates for my support, like most bloggers do!

So, here I go again.

                                                  RETAIN THEM, PLEASE!

For Umno Vice-Presidents, its status quo for me.

At the MT level, I hope to see new faces from Pemuda make it, including Reezal Merican and Umno New Media coordinator Tun Faisal (picture). I don't quite like Reezal but Umno needs people like him.
                                                        GIVE HIM THE MT SEAT

Tun Faisal and his team were one of the major forces that helped Barisan Nasional retained its power in the last general election. Doesn't matter what others say about him but when it comes to work, he is a true professional.

The party needs young and vibrant blood like Tun Faisal. He excelled where Umno Information chief Ahmad Maslan had failed. He is much better than the director-general of Information Dept Haji Ibrahim and JASA boss Fuad Hassan.

I was hoping Tun Faisal would taken on Ahmad Maslan but he opted for the MT.

Ooopsss! I have nothing against Mukhriz. He is a fine young and upcoming Umno leader but I don't want to see another Anwar Ibrahim in domestic politics. When we rise too fast, we tend to forget where we came from.

Mukhriz can wait another 3 years. He has yet to face the real challenge - Sungai Limau by-election and as Kedah Mentri Besar who must proof his capability in developing the state and elevating the living standard of the Kedahans.

I like him, hoping he will reach the pinnacle of politics one fine day.

There were rumors that a VP incumbent Shafie Apdal will get the boot. So is Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. The only safe incumbent is Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

If we kick out Shafie, Umno will have to pay a heavy price in the next general election. As we already gave Sabah Umno such a senior platform, taking it away will be detrimental to Umno and also Barisan Nasional. Better believe me.

Hisham - a victim of attack who should remain at the seat for his big role in Umno transformation agenda. It was his idea that led to the expansion of 'power to choose' in the party now - 220,000 delegates for Wanita, Pemuda, Puteri and divisional elections, and 146,500 for VP and MT.

However, i wish to see this two guys replaced.

They are Ahmad Maslan and Umno executive secretary Rauf Yusoh. Why? Please ask around...


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