MH370 shot down!

Posted: 18 May 2014 06:19 PM PDT

Shocking! Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was accidentally shot down during a joint US-Thailand military exercise in the South China Sea!


Then what the heck are we doing in the southern Indian Ocean? Why must the multinationals search and rescue (SAR) team wasting time and money combing the wrong area when they should had focused more in South China Sea?

Well, theories remain theories.

A shocking new book claims that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have been accidentally shot down and the search for survivors covered up.

'Flight MH370: The Mystery ' makes the incredible allegation that the airline was shot down by US-Thai strike fighters as part of a training drill that went horribly wrong. But just 71 days after the Boeing 777 vanished carrying 239 people from 14 nations relatives say the UK published work is 'too soon' and 'too insensitive'.

The book also claims search parties were deliberately sent in the wrong direction as part of a cover up.
The book's author, Nigel Cawthorne, believes there may never be a clear answer.
In his account of the fate of the ill-fated plane that vanished on March 8 he writes: 'Did they die painlessly, unaware of their fate? Or did they die in terror in a flaming wreck, crashing from the sky in the hands of a madman?'
Cawthorne describes how a man, while working on an oil rig in the ocean at about the same time the plane's transponder went off, saw a burning plane and how this was right near the military exercise.
He claims that these countries may have then sent searchers in the wrong direction in order to cover their tracks.
"After all, no wreckage has been found in the South Indian Ocean, which in itself is suspicious," he adds.
The book says the drill was to involve mock warfare on land, in water and in the air, and would include live-fire exercises.
It adds: "Say a participant accidentally shot down Flight MH370. Such things do happen. No one wants another Lockerbie, so those involved would have every reason to keep quiet about it."
Cawthorne, who lives in London, says on his website that he has written more than 150 books, including the "Sex Lives" series, which examines the private lives of popes, US presidents and "Great Dictators".
His book on MH370 says the failure to find wreckage is "in itself is suspicious" and that even if the plane's black box is eventually found, it may not be the original black box.
"Another black box could have been dropped in the sea 1,000 miles from Perth while the search was going on in the South China Sea," it adds.
Cawthorne also raises more doubt into the plane's disappearance, claiming it could have been located if its tracking software had been upgraded - something that costs just £6 per flight.
Now that Thailand is dragged into the picture, let's wait for their comment...if they are willing to!

By they way, any more 'near logic' theories and speculations from the West?

Dr M: Ask CIA and Boeing; don't blame MAS!

Posted: 18 May 2014 11:23 AM PDT

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today suggested that Boeing and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) should be questioned over the missing Flight MH370.

"Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and Malaysia should take the blame," he said in his blog Chedet.cc.

In his 11-paragraph long post Boeing Technology - What Goes Up Must Come Down, Mahathir expressed his viewpoints and theories on the situation and stressed that something was out of place and that the media would not post anything about Boeing or CIA.

"They can land safely or they may crash, but airplanes do not just disappear. Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities," Mahathir said.

Stating that he believes the tracking system on the plane was intentionally disabled, Mahathir questioned on where was the data of the plane, which was supposed to have been recorded by the satellite.

"MH370 is a Boeing 777 aircraft. It was built and equipped by Boeing, hence all the communications and GPS equipment must have been installed by Boeing.

"If they failed or have been disabled, Boeing must know how it can be done and surely Boeing would ensure that they cannot be easily disabled as they are vital to the safety and operation of the plane," he said.

He added that in 2006, Boeing received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all control from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a pre-determined landing location.

He cited Flightglobal.com article by John Croft dated Dec 1, 2006, stating that the 'uninterruptible' autopilot would be activated - either by pilots, on board sensors or even by radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of the flight deck.

"Boeing should explain about this so-called anti-terrorism auto-land system. I cannot imagine the pilots made a soft-landing in rough seas and then quietly drown with the aircraft," he said.


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