Stupid Malay intellectuals!

Posted: 17 May 2014 09:23 PM PDT

'Allah' is not a Malay word, its Arabic, everyone knows that. It has nothing to do with Bahasa Malaysia or the Malay language.

If we want to hammer the Muslims for their resentment over the use of 'Allah' by other faith, maybe its acceptable. However, insulting the government's policy and the Malays over the same issue, is totally unacceptable!

What has the Malay language got to do with religions? Is the Federal Constitution wrong to state that 'bahasa Melayu' is the official language for the country? And what drove some Malay intellectuals (are they?) to slam and condemn the language as causing division instead of uniting Malaysians?

 I found this a disgrace, not only to the language but the Malays who straddle it!
The government's flip-flop policy on the Malay language and persistent efforts by Malay supremacists to tie it to one race and religion have divided Malaysians and sparked conflicts such as the tussle over the word Allah, a forum heard last night.
By tying together ethnicity, Islam and the Malay language, so-called "language champions" have in reality reduced the language's reach and shrunk the minds of parts of the Malay community.
Novelist Faisal Tehrani said the ban on the use of the word Allah by Christians, seen in the confiscation of Malay-language Bibles and restrictions imposed on Christian worship, has made the Malay language the exclusive language of one community.
However, this practice also contradicts the government's own policy of making the Malay language the national language that is supposed to be adopted by everyone.
"When language is tied to one race and religion, it actually heightens a sense of sensitivity (among a community).
I don't know what was their motive but they gave the impression that the Malay language belongs to one race, and that only the Malays are allowed to use the word 'Allah'.

What a cheap and stupid argument!

They even accused the government of controlling 'bahasa Melayu' exclusively for the Malays by allowing them to use 'Allah'.

I hate to comment more... sickening!

I have seen many Malay 'stupid intellectuals' spoke through their nose! Readers are free to take the cue from here...


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